The Book

The Christian Church in the Digital Age: Over 501 Digital Ministry Ideas for Pastors and Christian Leaders
by Dr. E. M. Kaye

“Every church in America should have this book. Every church in America needs this book. It is well written and pastors can understand it clearly and benefit from it.” – Professor Elbert E. Elliott, Chair of Biblical Leadership and Ministry and Director of Pulpit Communication and Expository Preaching, Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary.

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“My knowledge about blogs, downloadables, social media, etc was limited. Now I feel capable of teaching someone else. Thanks to Dr. Kaye” – Rev. J. Frierson, Ed.D (c), President, Landmark Christian Bible Institute, Inc., Senior Pastor, King of Kings Empowerment Ministry

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Over 501 Digital Ministry Ideas for you and your church

The Christian Church in the Digital Age: Over 501 Digital Ministry Ideas for Pastors and Christian Leaders is designed to be a guide, a reference, and a practical resource for churches in the digital age. it is also a collection of over 501 ideas, tips, tools, strategies, solutions, and sources compiled to offer a broad perspective and help pastors and Christian leaders become more familiar with some of the many digital options available to them. The book covers core digital technologies such as websites, blogs, podcasts, church bulletin and newsletters and ebooks; social and multimedia networks including Twitter, Facebook,, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Vimeo, Flickr, location-based, review, and custom Christian social networks; mobile ministry including apps, QR codes, texting, and mobile money; digital giving technologies including crowdfunding; and emerging digital technologies such as games, virtual worlds, and 3D video and print.

Includes a Special Mini-Guide to Starting a Digital Ministry!

The book also has a special mini-guide to starting a digital ministry section which includes how to write a digital ministry vision statement, set goals, determine a timeline and budget, select a digital ministry team, evaluate performance, and promote a digital ministry.

“This is an excellent book for those involved in the digital ministry of the church. I have loaned my copy to the man in my church involved in the design and implementation of our digital ministry and he has found it very useful. Dr. Kaye has enabled us to significantly advance in the digital age with our digital evangelism and efforts. For those if us digitally challenged this book
will be a significant source of good information.”
Searcy McBurnett. First Christian Church, Maumelle, Arkansas.

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Who Is This Book For?

A student of mine recently wrote of an experience he had. Several years ago his church put up their first projection screen, and a member resigned from the church because she had ‘nightmares’ about that screen in front of the worship center. She couldn’t understand that the screen was a tool, a way to illustrate and provide guidance in worship. This is not unlike the situation faced by many Christian leaders and pastors today who are dealing with digital technology. Do any of these situations sound familiar? Do you find yourself trying to balance the needs of members comfortable reading their print bibles against the needs of members wanting text messages and church apps? Are you a little uncomfortable with some of the digital technologies available? Would you like more information on how to use digital tools? Are you unsure which ones are best for your church? Are you concerned where you will even find the time and resources for a digital ministry? This book hopes to help answer some of these questions, and to serve pastors, Christian leaders, ministry staff, and Christian professionals as they shepherd their church or organization through this new digital age.

“Dr. Kaye provided us with a boatload of additional references
and contributed her experience and insight during the lecture time to expand
our growing understanding of these important ministry tools. What she told us about meetingpeople in this electronic world, challenged me to see my role as pastor to includebuilding bridges to people who are participating in electronic media.It was an eye opener for me…”
Pastor Ben Meyers, Sr. Pastor, Baycities Lomita

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An Idea Generator

This book is designed to be a guide, a reference, and a resource. This collection of over 500 ideas, tips, tools, strategies, solutions, and sources was compiled to help pastors and Christian leaders become more familiar with some of the many digital options available. It attempts to offer a broad perspective into a variety of digital technologies. If you are already familiar with digital tools and technologies, I hope you find one or two new ideas or sources here. If you are just venturing into the digital landscape, I hope this book offers you a glimpse into the possibilities which the digital age offers and the desire to learn more. I also hope it inspires you to try some of these ideas and tools in your own church or organization.

How to Read This Book

This is not a linear or sequential book. It is written in a 21st century web-type format. It is designed to be skimmed or scanned quickly. The sentences are short. The information is presented in self-contained capsules. There are lots of bulleted and numbered lists. You’ll find hyperlinks to follow throughout the book. These links will lead you to additional online sources. In place of the traditional index the book includes an expanded table of contents section. The writing style is informal. Please forgive any grammar glitches or punctuation lapses – they may have occurred as a result of this more conversational, colloquial, and user-friendly style. Because things happen very quickly in the digital age, some of the information may have changed by the time you read this book. For updates visit Christian Digital Ministries

What You Will Find Inside this Book

The Introduction offers a brief look at the Christian church in the digital age. There is a list of several characteristics of the digital age – its speed, social connections, and ubiquitousness. This is followed by some of the challenges of the digital age for Christian churches – the challenge of information without wisdom, theological poverty, and the risk of idol worship. Next, come some of the opportunities which the digital age offers Christian churches – the opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission though preaching, teaching, discipleship, community, fellowship, outreach, digital mission fields, as well as the opportunity of starting a Christian digital ministry.

The Chapters are organized into sections by categories and individual digital tools and technologies. The Core includes your church website, blog and basic downloadables such as podcasts, church bulletins, and ebooks. Social Media includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Flickr, social bookmarking sites, review social networks, location-based social networks, and custom Christian social networks. Digital Giving includes your giving page and crowdfunding opportunities. Mobile Ministry includes mobile websites, apps, QR codes, texting, mobile money, mobile video, and NFC or near field communication. Trending Digital Technologies include digital games and gamification, 3D video and 3D printing, and virtual worlds and environments.

The Appendix includes a mini-guide to starting your own dedicated digital ministry. It includes simple planning tools, the selection of a digital ministry team, and ideas for launching, managing, and growing your digital ministry.

The Resources Section includes notes, a glossary, suggested readings, an expanded table of contents, the author bio, and a link to additional information and resources.

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About This Book

The Introduction

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 2

Church Website

Chapter 3

Church Blog

Chapter 4

Church Podcasts

Chapter 5

Church Bulletin

Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter 14


Chapter 15


Chapter 16


Chapter 17

Social Bookmarking Sites

Chapter 18

Review Social Networks

Chapter 19

Location-based Social Networks

Chapter 20

Custom Christian Social Networks

Chapter 21

Digital Giving

Chapter 22

Mobile Ministry

Chapter 23

Trending Digital Technologies


Mini-Guide to Starting a Dedicated Digital Ministry



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Expanded Table of Contents

About the Author

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